Easy eggless recipes for novice through to experienced cooks.


Hello and welcome to EggFree Baking.


Our EggFree Cook Books are for people –

  • Cooks looking for eggless recipes
  • For those who wish to exclude eggs from their diet
  • Have medical advice to avoid them
  • Lacto vegetarians or vegans
  • Allergic to eggs

All the recipes are lacto-vegetarian friendly, ¾ of them are vegan.

On our page About the Books you will find details about our books.

Are you searching for recipes suitable for VEGANS?

Click here to go to my VEGAN CAKE page at meatandeggfree.com




You will find complimentary recipes from my books on the Sample Recipe page.

The Baking 101 menu contains the Ingredients and Substitutes and Measurements from Eggfree Baking CookBook to help you get started.

Successful Muffin Tips from my recently released book 101 EggFree Muffins has been posted on the Baking 101 sub menu.

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